"I heard that someone in your band cut themselves shaving their balls, is this true?"

  • Frank: Hahaha, that is completely true!
  • Interviewer: Who was it?
  • Frank: Ahahha, it was-- oh man. I guess he's gotta be like whatever about it, 'cause like, he told the story on stage, but uh, we were on tour one time and uh, Gerard was like, in the bathroom for like, a long ass time. And somebody brought up the fact that y'know, like, when you're on tour and you haven't showered in like a month, y'know? Or like, Gerard doesn't shower at all, hardly, when you really think. But like, the hair on your nuts, it like, really keeps the smell in, y'know? So he figured like, if he got rid of the hair, y'know, he might cut down on some of the reeking? But he had like, a buzzer and he shaved himself and I guess he like, clipped his balls and they just started bleeding everywhere haha!
  • Interviewer: This is terrible man. Thank you for telling us that though, revealing that private information.
  • Frank: Hey, well it's not my-- not my thing!